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Company research and development of highly effective reinforced straightening cutting machine (reinforced straightening machine), is a reference to the international advanced model and successfully developed new type of steel bar straightening cutting machine. Through actual use prove that: the performance of the machine has completely reached the performance of the imported machine, with the international advanced level of the century, is the famous steel bar straightening machine manufacturers.

Has a group of highly enthusiasm and creative design team, any issue any difficulty can be solved, we have a firm confidence to help you.

Hund's since it was founded in 2004, has 12 years of experience in steel bar straightening cutting machine production, adhere to the "customer first" the principle provides the high quality service for the general customers.

Has a strong technical support, has experienced design team, to accumulate the international advanced experience of the industry, strengthen the internal management system, and dozens of professional and technical personnel to work hard every day, try our best to satisfy every customer achieve perfect, to make every order.

Hong special features:
1.Speed is fast; 2.Length standard; 3.High straightening accuracy; 4.Can pose short steel bar; 5.Apply to all kinds of wire; 6.Intelligent control:Simple operation and adjustment.

Perfect logistics distribution center, products sold throughout the country, custom products for 7 days to delivery, ensure that your project cycle. Emergency special handling to ensure that the customer benefit maximization, timely delivery, quality assurance.

LuoYang HongTe Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd

Luoyang Hong special machinery and equipment Co., Ltd. was originally China South Locomotive Group Luoyang Locomotive Factory repair machine factory. 2004 as the main and auxiliary separation of state-owned enterprises restructuring pilot units, approved by the State-owned Assets Management Committee, officially listed, restructuring for the limited liability company.
Luoyang Hong special company specializing in the production of steel straightening cutting machine for cold rolling, hot-rolled steel coil straightening and length cut off, high efficiency (speed up to 130 m / min), accuracy quasi (error only ± 1 mm) , A number of models were corrected 3 to 16 mm steel bars. Products have been sold to Shougang, Xinggang, Kunming Steel and Nanjing Chongqing Shanghai Jiangsu Jiangsu Guangdong Guangdong Shanxi Shanxi Shanxi Hunan and other large steel suppliers and steel processing plants, and has been exported to Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Russia, Portugal, Angola , Albania, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian and African regions.

Straightening machine behind the story of growth

Any equipment has its purpose in the existence of the long process of development, the role of mechanical equipment is increasingly rich, and even can be said to be indispensable. So in the initial manual age, these devices are how to be developed out of it? But also in what kind of background application?
     For steel straightening machine, it is the construction of steel pipe scaffolding maintenance machinery. At the beginning of the time there is no such machinery and equipment, and later the scale of domestic construction has grown year by year, bamboo scaffolding was quickly replaced by construction steel pipe. However, the steel pipe after a long period of sun and rain, prone to rust corrosion, wall thinning in the construction demolition and handling of the process prone to bending the situation, shortening the service life, resulting in a series of security risks. In this background conditions, the steel straightening machine began to slowly appear embryonic form.


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